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 “With his flowing soft tenor voice
Christopher B. Fischer in complete contrast
acts as the too shy assistant
Mengone, who has long lacked the courage to to fight properly for his Grilletta. "
(Reutlinger Generalanzeiger 10.10.2020)
"…while Christopher B. Fischer embodies the male roles with outstanding clarity of diction, expressive finesse, and a brilliant tenor voice." 
(Dr. Claudia Behn für Orpheus Magazin 28.06.2023)

Christopher B. Fischer is a valued vocal soloist, who captives his audience with the clear, expressive timbre of his voice. His performance as a soloist in operettas such as "Die Schone Helena" and in operas such as "Don Giovanni", "Riemannoper" and "Susanna" are the best examples of his mastery in singing. He proved his mettle as a soloist in his very recent stage performance of the Hayden opera "Lo Speziale" with the Lautten Compagney Berlin. Moreover, as a soloist, his voice is in harmony with the orchestra or piano or ensemble. He has a close association with the renowned vocal ensembles such as Neue Kammer, Ensemble 1684, Kammerchor Stuttgart and Vox Luminis.


 Apart from this, he knows how to use the calm and clarity of his timbre in his songs and oratorio as an  evangelist. Both the comprehensibility of the text and a dramatic , impressive narrative style are his sterling qualities which appeal to his awestruck audience. In the chamber music context, he works in collaboration with the pianist Stella Marie Lorenz and the guitarist Janis Neteler.

 Christopher B.Fischer had his studies in the esteemed music academies in Karlsruhe and Leipzig. He was moulded personally and musically not only by attending the classes of great masters such as Christiane Libor, Berthold Schmid, Daniel Gloger and Liv Solveig Warner  but also through his varied, invaluable experiences as a Freelance singer. 


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Christopher B. Fischer

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